GEICO Needs to Leave the Dark Ages

Can we finally call it quits to those caveman ads?  Hey, they were funny at one point.  Very original.  Could be watched over and over.  And, now they’re boring.   An over-played joke.   Gives you the “where’s the remote, must be something better on” feeling.

GEICO has many ad themes.  (1) Caveman, (2) Lizard, (3) Dramatic story as told by celebrity fill-in.  (4) Race cars.  You can see the whole list of ad campaigns on wikipedia.  GEICO on Wikipedia.  The caveman ads are by far the worst in the lineup now after at one point being the most popular.  So, what happened?  It’s pretty simple…you can only run the same basic joke some many times.  They could keep if they tried another punchline, but they haven’t changed.  “So easy a cavaman can do it” was funny about 2 years ago.

So easy GEICO can't change it
So easy GEICO can keep it running?

TIme to fire that ad agency. the Martin Agency.  Or, at least tell the Martin’s to find a new theme.  It shouldn’t be that hard.  Similarly, with so many other GEICO ad themes, why does it need to continue.  GEICO/Martin Agency has print and TV ads for Caveman.  Frankly, I don’t see the point.  For a print ad, a blank white page with the word in the middle would be more effective than to see another caveman pic.

Do you remember that Caveman also made it to primetime TV?  Now, there’s a winner.  *Stunned*, simply bowled over that show didn’t make it.  Head to the race track now and bet on that horse.  Not.  Well, it ran from October 2, 2007 to November 13, 2007 (about 6 or 7 shows).  The show was actually placed on hold in conjunction with the Writers Guild of American Strike.  Caveman was cancelled before the strike ended.  GEICO then has attempted to resurrect the fun.  They’re fun is my loss.

There must be something else.  Hire a new agency if you have to.  You obviously have the ad budget and good brand recognition.  What’s the hold up?  Or, shall I say, where’s the light?


Only 4 Days? Let’s Make It 5!

You couldn’t have missed knowing that the Democratic National Convention, also known as the DNC, has started.  And, just who came up with this abbreviation – DNC?  If you want to know what I’m referring to, search google for “DNC OBGYN” and look at the first set of results.  I’m sure it wasn’t Michelle Obama.  The one lady we may all like to know a bit more about as she has a chance to take the coveted “first lady” position. 

And, this is the platform to “get to know her”?  Not even.  Ms. Obama’s performance tonite was nothing but a highly anticipated, well-orchestrated, professionally rehearsed, canned recital that I’m sure she had no part of writing or editing.  A perfect composition of apparel, haircuts, and lapel pins.  Do people actually believe such presentations are real?  That her personality somehow magically arose from the harmony?  At a minimum, I’d feel more comfortable knowing her if I was reading a candid rendition of her Facebook profile, if I had access to it that is.

…Back to the convention.  Wow.  4 days of content.  That’s just unreal.  Beating out the Super Bowl by a full touchdown in terms of pre-game follies.  We’ve been talking about the National Convention (I just can’t use that DNC terminology any longer) for what seems like a year.  Oh yea, it has been a year.  Actually longer than a year.  And, for what, to do a spin around the audience of state delegates who declare that they give their perverbial nomination to Obama or Clinton or Edwards (god help us), when everyone in the entire world already knows that Obama wins.  This seems like the sickest of exaggerated rituals.

Yes, sick.  How much energy, time is wasted on this?  It hurts my head to calculate the environmental impact of utilizing 100 different hotels, airline flights to CO from all over the country.  The piles of bottled water?  I am aware that Convention organizers have gone miles beyond any previous event in terms of “greening”, but does it really require live delegates — how do you think they got there?   If environmental impact is an issue, what about using a Virtual (online) Trade Show platform?  Wouldn’t that be novel.

And, why not make it a Pay-per-View event, to those who want it.  Somewhere Vince McMahon must be having a beer and thinking, “hmmm, it’s so well acted, just like my WWF was.  I wonder if I could buy it”.  Yes, maybe the SuperBowl should be a Pay-per-View event as well.  Then, you’d really know who cares.

I’m not underestimating the impact to the US and world economic, social, and political landscape affects of a new President.  None the least.   That’s huge and we all care.  But, frankly, that tally doesn’t get counted until November.  And, until then, this seems like an awfully long event, syphoning funds and energy that could be used in far better ways.   Thursday is Mr. Obama’s time in the sun, well, evening, in an outdoor stadium of 70,000+, which should be a horrid reminder of how far we’ve come, or perhaps, missed the mark.

How Much is This Jersey Worth?

My son handed over his Baron Davis jersey to me this evening after dinner.  “Here, dad. I don’t need this anymore”. 
“Are you kidding?”, I replied.
“No, Dad. You can have it.”

This suddenly wasn’t a fun conversation.  It was just 8 or 9 months ago, my wife & I were shleping around to what seemed like every sporting goods store in the East Bay, and searching feaverishly around the web for a little kids-sized “Baron Davis #5” Golden State Warriors road jersey.  The same jersey he got on Christmas and literally wore 15 days straight.  Finally, convincing him to take it off so it could be washed.  The same jersey that my 18-year old nephew laid his eyes on and said “dang, I want a Baron jersey”.

Well, after 6 weeks since signing with the Los Angeles Clippers.  I guess it finally sunk in for a 5 year old.  When the Warriors take the floor in late October, Baron will not be there.  Sure, the rest of us have all but forgotten about Baron running the floor in the Big-O, the last second 3’s, the 3’s with 20 seconds left on the 24-second clock, the I’m 1-6 so far this evening on 3’s but I’ll chuck it up anyway cause we’re down by 15 in the 4th quarter.  (Ah, the memories.)  For a 5-year old, this was the 6-week revelation.  

I was able to convince him to keep the jersey and hang it back in his closet.  I told him it was expensive.  It was.  I told him many, many people have Baron jerseys and will continue to wear them. They will.  But, the kicker was showing him my #23 Jason Richardson Warriors road jersey in my closet that I keep clean and perfectly pristine.  It is.

“Oh. Ok, dad.  I’ll keep it.”
“Good. Go to sleep.”

I guess I could have also told him the Baron jerseys are still for sale in the Official Warriors store.  50% off of course.

Why the Skimpy Outfits in Beach Volleyball?

I read in ESPN The Mag that Misty May believes that while at *one time* beach volleyball was all about those “skimpy outfits”.  Cause in the early days, they needed to get people interested, but now, hey, it’s a real sport.  On the Olympic circuit.  Real fans.  It’s real. 

Georgie Making Small Talk w/Misty & Kerri

Not really.  It’s fake.  Totally fake.  Why else would you need such a silly, skimpy lilly-pad, scantilly-clad cover just to run around in the sand.   I mean come on.  Since it’s on TV no one can really tell that these are Amazon-size women.   But, we can see these outfits are just barely covering them, and people are “tuned-in” if you know what I mean.  They appear so uncomfortable that after every shot they need to er, re-adjust themselves like a baseball pitcher.  Yet worse, cause they’re hardly wearing anything. 

No doubt these are real athletes.  No doubt they are at the highest echelons of athletic ability.  They can run hard, long distances, have all sorts of mad skill that very few women (or men) could keep up with.   

Get real though on the actual sport of Beach Volleyball if you can call it that.  Those Nike outfits that Misty and Kerri wear, particularly the see thru mesh parts are nothing but the continuous marketing hype to get people to tune in.   And, it’s way too easy of a game for Misty & Kerri.  There’s only 2 people involved on a team, no subs.   They have dominated like almost nothing else.  I guarantee if they had 4 people per team, it would be a whole different ballgame.  And, potentially with exciting rallies that they could wear regular clothes (shorts & tees).