Why the Skimpy Outfits in Beach Volleyball?

I read in ESPN The Mag that Misty May believes that while at *one time* beach volleyball was all about those “skimpy outfits”.  Cause in the early days, they needed to get people interested, but now, hey, it’s a real sport.  On the Olympic circuit.  Real fans.  It’s real. 

Georgie Making Small Talk w/Misty & Kerri

Not really.  It’s fake.  Totally fake.  Why else would you need such a silly, skimpy lilly-pad, scantilly-clad cover just to run around in the sand.   I mean come on.  Since it’s on TV no one can really tell that these are Amazon-size women.   But, we can see these outfits are just barely covering them, and people are “tuned-in” if you know what I mean.  They appear so uncomfortable that after every shot they need to er, re-adjust themselves like a baseball pitcher.  Yet worse, cause they’re hardly wearing anything. 

No doubt these are real athletes.  No doubt they are at the highest echelons of athletic ability.  They can run hard, long distances, have all sorts of mad skill that very few women (or men) could keep up with.   

Get real though on the actual sport of Beach Volleyball if you can call it that.  Those Nike outfits that Misty and Kerri wear, particularly the see thru mesh parts are nothing but the continuous marketing hype to get people to tune in.   And, it’s way too easy of a game for Misty & Kerri.  There’s only 2 people involved on a team, no subs.   They have dominated like almost nothing else.  I guarantee if they had 4 people per team, it would be a whole different ballgame.  And, potentially with exciting rallies that they could wear regular clothes (shorts & tees).


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