How Much is This Jersey Worth?

My son handed over his Baron Davis jersey to me this evening after dinner.  “Here, dad. I don’t need this anymore”. 
“Are you kidding?”, I replied.
“No, Dad. You can have it.”

This suddenly wasn’t a fun conversation.  It was just 8 or 9 months ago, my wife & I were shleping around to what seemed like every sporting goods store in the East Bay, and searching feaverishly around the web for a little kids-sized “Baron Davis #5” Golden State Warriors road jersey.  The same jersey he got on Christmas and literally wore 15 days straight.  Finally, convincing him to take it off so it could be washed.  The same jersey that my 18-year old nephew laid his eyes on and said “dang, I want a Baron jersey”.

Well, after 6 weeks since signing with the Los Angeles Clippers.  I guess it finally sunk in for a 5 year old.  When the Warriors take the floor in late October, Baron will not be there.  Sure, the rest of us have all but forgotten about Baron running the floor in the Big-O, the last second 3’s, the 3’s with 20 seconds left on the 24-second clock, the I’m 1-6 so far this evening on 3’s but I’ll chuck it up anyway cause we’re down by 15 in the 4th quarter.  (Ah, the memories.)  For a 5-year old, this was the 6-week revelation.  

I was able to convince him to keep the jersey and hang it back in his closet.  I told him it was expensive.  It was.  I told him many, many people have Baron jerseys and will continue to wear them. They will.  But, the kicker was showing him my #23 Jason Richardson Warriors road jersey in my closet that I keep clean and perfectly pristine.  It is.

“Oh. Ok, dad.  I’ll keep it.”
“Good. Go to sleep.”

I guess I could have also told him the Baron jerseys are still for sale in the Official Warriors store.  50% off of course.


2 thoughts on “How Much is This Jersey Worth?

  1. That sucks a lot. You should of bought a Monta Ellis jersey than a Baron Davis jersey. Every knew Monta wasn’t going anywhere. A lot of people still have old jerseys like you when the players have been traded away. For now you should convince your son that at least Marcus Williams is going to wear jersey #5 next year.

  2. You bet, my man. We’ll likely be getting the pint size Monta jerseys for Xmas this year. Hopefully easier to find due to his rising star power. And, likely will avoid the Al Harrington recycle bin.

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