Oh the McPain

No, I didn’t just eat McDonalds. I watched the final speech of the Republican National Convention though and I’m feeling it. The McPain! (= McCain + Palin)
Just 2 months away from trying to keep the Obama clan for running the board in November, McCain seems to have a unique, weary humbleness that doesn’t seem to add up to “leader”, but here the Republicans are…rallying with their party pick. A 72 year-old man who can’t seem to raise his arms up above his head. A man who could be victorious and wouldn’t even be able to show a V – the touchdown signal. A man who seems to have the strangest of scowling smiles. See pic – Go ahead and practice it at home.

One of the greatest, mercurial triumphs for the Republicans this week must be that the race for the office seems like a squirly competition between Obama & Palin. Yes, a Presidential candidate vs. the other party’s VP candidate. That just seems the strangest of twists after the delayed start, the overwhelming ridicule of the VP choice with a swoosh opaqueness of desparation by the McCain team to go after conservative American voters.  The amazingly poor choice of credentials by Cindy McCain to say “of course Governor Palin knows about foreign policy…look how close Alaska is to Russia”.  Say what?

And, it’s not like their wasn’t weeks of drama building up to these national conventions.  Jabs at eachothers’ preparations.  The media swarms & interviews in Denver & St. Paul.  There was a massive build up.  But, nothing could have predicted this midwestern tropical storm just within the last week.

5 days ago, Democrats and Republicans, in fact in almost every part of the world, people were snickering at McCain’s VP candidate choice. Today, democrats will shy away from any slash at Sarah Palin or anyone in her family. Not just cause it’s a poor competitive tactic, but no one appears to be interested in taking Sarah on in a war of words.

5 days ago, we were comparing the Sarah Palin pick to Dan Quayle pick. Dan Quayle, the one we thought would keep Bush 1 out of the White House. Today, I find it difficult to put those 2 names in the same sentence.

5 days ago, Hurricane Gustav was bearing down on the Gulf, and about to permanently disrupt the Republican National Convention. (With prayers to the residents of that region). Today, it’s hard to decipher any disruption in St. Paul.

5 days ago, President Bush was backing out of the convention (like you really want Bush in your camp given his approval ratings). Governor Schwarzenegger was backing out of the convention due to “budget mess in Sacto” (you want Arny in your camp).  Today, it doesn’t really matter who else did or didn’t speak at the RNC.  There’s only 2 speeches anyone will ever talk about.

Some final takeaways:
(1) The McPains have made Americans take a stand, a position. Not to say that Obama didn’t, but it was just too undetermined a week ago as the RNC had yet to take center stage.
(2) As eluded to during Palin’s speech, the overdone stage and outdoor stadium thing does show a bit of one-up manship at any cost and could be a pre-cursor to the over-spending Republicans fear.
(3) Sign me up anytime for Alaskan adventure with Todd Palin (Sarah’s husband).  I’m positive he can provide the goods for a memorable trip.
And, (4) It should be 1 heck of a debate between Biden (the quickly forgotten Democratic VP candidate, but a fierce competitor and smooth talker) and Palin.

If someone was really smart, make the VP candidate’s debate a Pay-Per-View event with no flipping commericals and donate all the profits to environmental non-profit organizations.  $9.95/2hr event.  
ABC, NBC, CBS – get your heads together.  Do-it-now!


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