When Sarah Can’t Say Thank You Enough

She’s so well-known now, I don’t even need to use her last name and you know who I’m talking about.  Sarah Palin owes a lifetime of gratitude to John McCain.  If you search “Sarah Palin” on Google, you get over 55 Million results.  To put that in perspective, “Hilary Clinton” comes back with 26 Million results (less than 1/2 of Sarah).  But, consider that Sarah’s only been in public eye for 2 months as opposed to years of documentation of Hilary.  It’s really astonishing.sarah-palin

Did you know Sarah before she was added to the Republican ticket?  Be honest.  Oh, you may have known or heard about the fact that Alaska had a female governor, but I doubt you spent more than 5 second giving a hoot, unless of course, you lived in Alaska or ran for Wasilla city council.

Now look at her.  Sarah was the only person in this election who would “win” regardless of who actually won.  Doors are not just open for her, they’ve been blown off the hinges.  Despite all the potential negative associations with being a Republican — I mean being associated with anything associated to George Bush — she’s labeled a “reformer” and hence she can play across any party line.  But, her popularity extends far beyond politics.  There’s something eerily intriguing about her.  A naivety of bravado.

For sure, she’s made a couple blunders – the now infamous Curic interview, self-proclaimed redneck hockey mom, but that’s severely out-weighed by the fact that she made the right choice to become McCain’s running mate.

And, now there’s infinite options in front of her:

  • Spokesperson for Lenscrafters
  • Drive for first woman President in 2012 (losing to re-election of Obama)
  • Drive for first woman President in 2016 (beating out Hilary) – hah!
  • Levis’ jean model
  • Playboy centerfold — I guarantee Hugh Heffner has contacted Sarah.  Could you imaging the ruckus at the mansion.
  • 24hr Fitness
  • The Sarah Palin Show
  • Guest appearances on pretty much any talk show for next 20 years
  • Co-star on the John Colbert Show
  • Inspirational speaker at corporate conferences
  • Any fundraiser
  • Sarah and Todd’s Excellent Adventure (Alaskan adventure tours)
  • <insert your idea here>

The ideas are endless.  What’s really amazing is that you could pick anything and it will work.   How many people can do that?

Yes, Sarah could spend everyday thanking McCain, and it still won’t make up for what he’s done.  She’ll just have to thank him and set it aside and focus on the future.  How fun will that be once everything settles down.  If things ever settle down.  The world is her oyster.  Oysters filled with pearls.  Heck, filled with diamonds now.


3 thoughts on “When Sarah Can’t Say Thank You Enough

  1. She will fade as more people realize how close she was to the Presidency. She did not even know Africa was a continent. She couldn’t name the countries in North America.

    I do feel sorry for her since she should not have been picked at this point in her career. She will need to improve if she wants any chance for a political future. I think the GOP is going to have to change. They cannot rely only on fundamentalist votes anymore. The country has grown up.

  2. Sure. Only time will tell.
    Despite the landslide in the electoral college, the Mc-Pain ticket reaped over 53,000,000 votes. That’s a lot of support, and anti-Obama sentiment as well. For many Americans, Sarah represents hope, just like Obama.

  3. I agree with you. This country has hardly ever gone to one president in an overwhelming fashion (some exceptions were Ronald Reagan, and FDR where they got nearly all the electoral votes) but the electoral victory and the actual vote victory of 6 million or so is telling.

    I do think that Obama will reach out to those who voted for McCain as it is rumored that his cabinet will be bi partisan and include some republicans. Let’s keep a close eye on his cabinet picks. He is a pragmatist who will pick people he thinks will be able to do the job.

    When Bush was elected I was upset for sure due to the shady win in Florida, but I still gave him a chance. It wasn’t until I saw his lack of leadership in regards to 9/11, Katrina and the crime of lying to get us into Iraq that I started losing hope in him.

    Palin I think will be better off four years from now if she can prove to be an effective governor and study study study! I don’t think she is an unintelligent person; I think she is just uninformed and possibly uncurious.

    If she can get a intellectual curiousity to couple with her obvious strong moral beliefs she will be a viable candidate next time around. Until she does that she will not be able to move forward.

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