Funniest Moments in Sports – Hal Mcrae Does the Twirly Bird

Ah, meltdowns.  Why do we seem to take so much pleasure in watching other people lose it?   The infamous phrases and actions that lasts a lifetime — you can just repeat the phrase and everyone in the bar knows the incident you’re talking about.

“Playoffs?”,  “We had ’em right where we wanted them”,  “I’m 40; I’m a Man”,  “I don’t know what a game face is”…

One of my all-time favorites though is former Kansas City Royals manager Hal Mccrae.  This 1993 scene takes place in his back office under the stadium holding a press interview.  Clearly, a bad day at the ball park, but after a reporter questions his batting lineup late in the game, the blowup ensues.

Check it out for old time’s sake.

There’s 4 reasons I love this meltdown.

1. The desk clearing sweep.  Yup, stuff is flying in every direction. Everything’s in harms way.

2. The poor phone.  After having thrown just about everything in front of him, he doesn’t just merely pick up the phone and chuck it. He does the twirly bird and flings in god knows what direction.

3. Bloody-face reporter.  The reporters start to exit the room realizing it’s probably a good time to leave. One of the first guys that comes out has blood coming down his cheek. To this day, I’m still curious what he actually got hit with. Was it the phone?

4. 1.75 liter of a little something-something.  As the tirade spills out into the hallway, Hal seems to gripping a fairly large bottle of liquor. The f-bombs are flying so quickly, the “bleeper” can barely keep up with him. I wonder if Hal poured himself a glass, or did he just chug it straight from the bottle?

And the phrase we’ll always remember…”Don’t ask me all those stupid a$$ questions”.


2 thoughts on “Funniest Moments in Sports – Hal Mcrae Does the Twirly Bird

  1. “Have another doughnut you fat pig.”
    Or to ease the tone toward the simply enjoyable but still publicly unusual “I’m so pumped it’s ridiculous.” I think you could identify the men (a clue!) who spoke thusly and do it without consulting a webular searching mechanism. Just with your own memory bank.

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