Bluetooth is Not a Public Restroom Enabler

When your driving your car, it’s important to use a Bluetooth or some type of hands-free device.  Not only a law in many states, but miles safer for all those millions of you distracted drivers.  But, sitting in your car, you’re commuting or doing errands, you can chit-chat on the phone to your heart’s content, chuckle out loud, whatever you wanna say.   Traveling in the car is always a great time to catch up with friends, family or urgent business messages in a private setting.  So, much usefulness there.    And, since you’re alone many times in the car, no big deal to gab away as you weave your way thru traffic. 

Bluetooth headsets do appear lame in restaurants and bars.  Do people feel some uber importance by sitting at a bar with phone hanging on your ear?  If you do, seek help.   No one cares.  Furthermore, no one wants to hear your conversation about your spouse’s inadequacies indoors.   If you *must*, take the call outside.  Please!

Pale in comparison though to the one area I really can’t comprehend  —  someone in middle of a conversation or otherwise using the restroom, yip-yappin’ away on their no-cell-phone-signmobile phone or hands-free device.  You know, this is disgusting…I was completely torn on actually writing  a blog about this.  Not only because of the non-PC nature, but I’m still stunned that people actually think this etiquette is rational and acceptable.

Absolutely not.  In the same vein of  “Shut up and drive” or  “Take your conversation outside”.  Please don’t use mobile phones in public restrooms.  It’s just rude.   While not a safety issue (unless you have a tendency to drop your phone occasionally) and while not in need of any legislation yet, have some courtesy to the person you’re speaking with let alone others using the restroom.   Sure, play games on your phone, listen to music if you have an extended restroom stay (in silent mode or with headphones), but what makes you so damn busy, you can’t take a break from your digital world?   How about a little private SMS – “I’m busy right now.  Call u back”?

If you think public restrooms are an acceptable place for a phone conversation, let’s hear why?  If you agree with me, like to hear from you too!

Either way, perhaps you’ll think twice the next time you need to borrow someone’s phone.


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