Nate Silver’s 2013 NCAA March Madness Picks

Not sure who to place as winners in each region in this year’s tourney bracket?  Nate Silver‘s predictions may help.  

According to his 4 Twitter updates on Sunday evening, March 17, Nate Silver has picked the following winners by percentage for each region.

He did note on Twitter though “These are draft, haven’t double-checked everything yet.” 

Louisville 53%, Duke 18%, MSU 11%, St Louis 5%, Creighton 3%, Mizzou 3%, Memphis 2%, OK St. 2%

Gonzaga 33%, Ohio St. 25%, Wisconsin 9%, N Mex 9%, Arizona 8%, K-State 5%, Pitt 5%, Notre Dame 2%

Indiana 51%, Syracuse 12%, Miami 11%, Marquette 6%, NC St. 5%, Butler 3%, UNLV 3%

Florida 37%, Kansas 32%, Michigan 13%, Georgetown 7%, VCU 3%, Minnesota 2%, UNC 2%



For more about Nate Silver – check out his Blog on NY Times.

And, follow him on Twitter – @fivethirtyeight



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